Meet The Team

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Sandra Jean Tillett
Co-founder of Quantum Shiwa
 Reiki Master
Primordial Sound
Meditation Teacher

 Chopra Certified
500 HR Yoga Instructor


Committed to honoring the strengths of each individual & using a systematic & intuitive approach creating structure out of chaos, Sandra aims to engaging others on their own life's quest.


Creating memorable experiences for individuals & groups, connecting mind and body, her vision is to support others, aiding them in the connection to their own divine wisdom & purpose. 



Laura Kohn 

Co-founder of Quantum Shiwa
 Licensed Mental Health Counselor
 Energy Worker


Laura’s passion involves showing people how to break down limiting beliefs through leveraging creativity & play.

This allows her to share with others the wonderment & awe of the Universe in a creative, & fantastically fun setting.


Specializing in the treatment of trauma & abuse, as well as implementing high impact, experiential learning, & Energy Work, she works with the conscious & subconscious mind, teaching others how to access new possibilities.


Medge Jaspar
Psychologist Practitioner
 Energy Worker
 Abstract Artist


Medge has a passion for supporting people through life changes.


As a psycho-spiritual teacher, she helps others find their confidence, letting go of past hurt, resentment & trauma.


Through one on one coaching,, she helps others create & rebuild their own happiness, peaceful & meaningful life.

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Melissa D'Errico
Reiki Master Teacher
500 HR Yoga Instructor
Yin, Hatha,
Yoga Nidra,
Trauma Informed Yoga,
Creative Relaxation for Children with Autism and Special Needs,
Mindful Meditation,
Let Your Yoga Dance®


Melissa is the founder of Radiant Healing Hearts and a life long student of all things Somatic!

With a Fine Arts Degree in Dance from Florida State University she turned her passion into a life long journey of helping others along the path to personal

self-care and healing.  Practicing a healthy lifestyle and a devoted mother of two, Melissa is dedicated to  building education and community in service to others. 

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Anne Butters

Yoga Teacher, Shaman, Sound & Energy Healer

Anne is a true em-path,  & highly sensitive.  A synesthete & psychic intuitive, her journey has been life long. 

Teaching yoga, guided meditation, Reiki & Pranic Healing, Sound & Frequency Healing, Anne is a licensed massage therapist, who has spent decades learning & sharing knowledge around how energy & personal commitment to knowing ones true self can heal & improve an individuals life.  

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Piero Falci
MBSR Certified Trainer
 Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher, Author
Founder Mindfulness for All

Piero Falci is the founder of Mindfulness for All. An author, Mindfulness Meditation & Mindful Living teacher, he was  trained at the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care, & Society of the University of Massachusetts Medical School. 


He teaches the acclaimed Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program & maintains a strong personal mindfulness meditation practice.


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Cetti Clock


Intuitive Reader



Cetti has spent her live in the metaphysical community.  Reading astrological charts, tarot cards, & helping others on their journey.  Cetti is committed to being in service to others, gifted in supporting the individual & their unique purpose.

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Tess Tetrault
Psychic Medium
The Treasure Coast Medium
Past Life Regression
Reiki Master


A physic medium, Tess has been trained with other physics like John Edwards and James Van Praugh, supporting people who need to heal & transform.


Professionally trained & certified in modalities such as; Past Life Regression Therapy, with Dr. Brian Weiss, Theta Healing, Channeling Angels, Ascended Masters, Chakra Readings, & more.

A divinely gifted channel, Tess provides others the ability to gain closure through a spirit connection.