Meet The Team

our dynamic team with diverse skills and backgrounds.

Sandra Jean Tillett


Reiki Master

Primordial Sound Meditation Teacher



Founder Shiwa Yoga

Co-founder Quantum Equanimity Group

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Sandra spends her time orchestrating programs, talent and fundraising.  

Sandra started her 'awakening' journey nearly 10 years ago becoming a student of personal transformation at leadership retreat, leading her to an incredible

shift in her life. After spending 30 years as a corporate executive, she began a 500 hour Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master and  Primordial Sound Meditation Teacher education

Sandra is committed to honoring the strengths of each individual resulting in cultures that thrive. Her systematic and intuitive approach creates structure out of chaos while engaging alignment across teams. 

She loves her work, helping to create memorable experiences as each company and each individual takes a deeper dive into their own divine wisdom and purpose. 


Laura Kohn 


Licensed Mental,  Health Counselor



Energy Worker, Corporate Trainer


Founder of Laura Kohn Group

President Quantum Shiwa Academy

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Laura’s passion involves showing people how to break down limiting beliefs through the application of creativity and play.

Specializing in high impact, experiential learning, and using

Energy Work, the conscious and subconscious mind, Laura teaches others how to access new possibilities through the application of energy work, psychology and hypnosis.  

Working on Wall Street as a senior executive, Laura described herself as a “buttoned down corporate type”  when she suddenly found her path taking a tremendous turn. "It was weird,” she says, “I went to the seminar and they pulled me up on the stage and started working on me. I ended up passing out.

When I woke up, I had all sorts of intuitive abilities I never had before.”

Laura specializes in the treatment of trauma and abuse. This allows her to share with others the wonderment and awe of the Universe in a creative, and fantastically fun setting.


Zoe Walters


People Expert, Coach, Writer

NLP Certified Practitioner 

Strategic Business Partner, QEG

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Zoe's passions are centered around the mindset both through psychology and the metaphysical world, Zoe is CIPD Chartered Fellow member, with a masters in Human Resource Management and Applied Psychology.


A 25 year career within the travel, retail, travel, media and publishing industries, leading global teams, she has worked, lived in and led teams in the USA, Canada, Asia and Europe.

Zoe's journey of 'awakening' began  10 years ago, through the practice of meditation and spiritual retreats, obtaining her NLP mastery and meditation teacher training.

Zoe is currently writing her first fiction trilogy, based on personal transformation and spiritiual evolution with a view to seeking a route to publication.


Anne Butters

Yoga Teacher Shaman, Sound & Energy Healer

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Anne has always considered herself to be a little different.  She is a true Empath, an HSP (highly sensitive person) synesthete and fully claired psychic intuitive.   


After a Kundalini re-awakening in 2012 brought forth a remembrance of channeling light language, she became trained in the art of yoga, reiki, pranic and energy manipulation for the purpose of healing. 


Anne is a synesthete. She can see hear touch taste feel and think in color, sound and frequency reaching into other realms from the Akashic records to allow information to be remembered. People say Anne helps them to trend center, mentally, physically, psychologically and spiritually.


She helps people find that sweet spot of balance, open the Higher Heart Consciousness and maintain an anchored flow. 


Anne’s mantra is To Chew, So that Others May Digest. 


Anne teaches yoga, meditation, reiki, pranic healing, sound and frequency healing and is a LMT.


Before a higher calling,  She spent 28 years in commercial real estate sales, leasing and property management.


Piero Falci


MBSR Certified Trainer

Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher, Author

Founder Mindfulness for All

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Piero Falci is a Mindfulness Meditation and Mindful Living teacher trained at the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care, and Society of the University of Massachusetts Medical School. 


He teaches the acclaimed Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Program and maintains a strong personal mindfulness meditation practice.


He facilitates weekly Mindfulness Meditation and Mindful Living sessions in South Florida, where he lives, and leads Silent Mindfulness Retreats and Silent Peace Walks. 

Our goal is to guide you in exploring the places where science, psychology, and spirituality converge.  Using accepted paradigms in multiple disciplines, we hope to show you what connects us to the human family and the universe at large.  These are timeless truths that allow us to recognize what binds us together while allowing you to celebrate your uniqueness with the goal of creating your own unique path to Self-Actualization in a way that resonates with your lifestyle and learning goals.


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