Laura Kohn


Laura is enthusiastic, passionate, scientific and a cutting-edge innovator.  Specializing in ‘whole brain’ learning, Laura uses conscious and subconscious processes in novel ways to create experiential transformations. Through unconventional and synchronistic methods, her approach is to inspire creativity and fresh perspectives for industries, leaders and individuals facilitating new pathways for success. 


Sandra Tillett


Sandra is an experienced leader with a pragmatic approach to organizational structure. Having real life experience in leveraging business systems that create optimal performance, her systematic and intuitive approach creates structure out of chaos while engaging alignment across organizations. Sandra is committed to honoring the strengths of leaders and individuals, resulting in cultures that thrive.

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Our goal is to guide you in exploring the places where science, psychology, and spirituality converge.  Using accepted paradigms in multiple disciplines, we hope to show you what connects us to the human family and the universe at large.  These are timeless truths that allow us to recognize what binds us together while allowing you to celebrate your uniqueness with the goal of creating your own unique path to Self-Actualization in a way that resonates with your lifestyle and learning goals.


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