Demystifying Magick

Living with Intention Through the Magickal Path

Laura Kohn

Magick is an ancient tradition that teaches initiates how to live with intention. While there are many particular streams or paths one can follow on the magickal path such as Shamanism, Ceremonial Magick, Paganism, or even Alchemy, they all share certain traits.

At its core, Magick is about living with focused intent to the point that the Magician creates his or her reality consciously. This is not very different from the practice of Mindfulness, but where Mindfulness delves into the art and science of cultivating presence, Magick combines presence with conscious intent, and both conscious and subconscious processes to create a particular effect.

Due to the fact that Magick works with both the conscious mind and the subconscious mind, you often find many psychologists, psychotherapists, and hypnotherapists drawn to the practice. Magick draws highly on symbolism which speaks directly to the subconscious mind. Thus you are using symbols both through physical objects and behavioral symbols through ritual to consciously program your subconscious mind. You will also find many meditators drawn to Magick because it teaches how to cultivate focus through meditative and behavioral practices. One could easily say that a spell is like a prayer. It focuses the mind on the desired outcome. If you have ever made a wish and blown out candles on a birthday cake then you have practiced a very potent form of magick called Candle Magick. Once you understand what magick is you start to see more and more where it has become an accepted part of our modern-day society. The dollar bill, for example, has many potent magickal symbols printed on it such as the “All-Seeing Eye,” just to name one.

As a Ceremonial Magician, I will tell you that I use Magick as both a spiritual path, though it differs significantly from what I experienced in my upbringing in the Lutheran Church, and a way to expand my consciousness. In Magick the goal is to pay tribute to the creator by becoming a conscious creator yourself. You are responsible for your reality and the goal is to become so conscious that you create at will. What I realized as I entered this path is that if you are not creating consciously yourself, you will often be enlisted into the creation of others. I would rather be the creator of my own life than the background figure in someone else’s. Many of us live on autopilot and don’t question much of what is happening around us.

A Magician takes nothing for granted and often seeks to find or experience those things many people don’t see or experience. It’s a mindset really. It’s not about living in the “know” it's more about exploring the “mystery” that is life. This mystery can take you to places of great realization, joy, and synchronicity but first, you have to drop the idea that you know how reality works. You are cultivating your ability to see past the mundane and pierce into the more subtle aspects of reality that many people don’t see. It’s a bit like getting backstage VIP passes to a concert God is giving!

Magick allows us to see the world through the eyes of wonderment. It isn’t about using spells as some kind of spiritual ATM to get stuff without having to do anything to create it ourselves. Many spiritual seekers from many spiritual traditions fall into that trap. It is more about creating a discipline and focus that allows you to do the work without faltering or losing focus by being distracted by the minutiae of life. The work, in this case, becomes more fun and more interesting because you are learning about energy, how your mind works and letting go of rigid paradigms to play in the space I would call “The Quantum Playground”, a space where all possibilities reside. The place BEFORE “what is” exists, a place of infinite being.

The tools of the trade are many.

This month Quantum Shiwa Academy is offering a Beginners Candle Magick Class. Candles are potent objects that radiate energy and create worlds unto themselves, which is why they are used in church, or for a romantic dinner with a loved one. Candle Magick is also an excellent way to start on the path of Magick because they are so easy to meditate with due to their almost hypnotic effect when you start at their flickering flames. This class gives students practices they can easily follow which will start them on the road to being a conscious creator of their own reality in a fun and easy way. For more information go to

As always, have a magickal day everyone!

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