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Our Services

  • Want to explore magick? This series will increase your curiosity!

    Starts Oct 17


  • Quantum Shiwa hosts an activation and energy session, 9/22



  • Quantum Shiwa hosts an activation and energy session, 12/21



  • One on One Coaching- create a plan just for YOU!


  • One on One Coaching- curated for YOU


  • Energy Group Joins the 2nd Saturday, monthly Sign up & meet virtually!


    Gifts Appreciated

  • Purposeful practices to open your awareness to new possibilities.

    Starts Oct 10


  • Purposeful practices to open your awareness to new possibilities.

    Starts Nov 11


  • Final in the Ascension Journey Series

    Starts Dec 12


  • Individual Discovery - One on One Phase 1 - 3 Series


  • Meditation is as individual as you are! Honor your uniqueness!


  • An introduction into yoga, easily enjoyed by all.



Meek K

"I saw Laura for an Energy session and it was amazing! I don't know how she did what she did but I have seen profound differences in how I relate to my family and everyone around me.  I can't explain how it works, but its fun and awe inspiring.  Thank you for rocking my world!

Mawusia W

"My experience with the energy matrix healing provided by Laura was amazing. Although I was initially skeptical, my sessions changed my thought process about alternative healing and I now believe that this healing art can have a significant impact on one's life.  Laura is caring. She uses most of her time to help people. I can't recommend her enough.

Sandra S

" Laura is truly a talented psychologist and energy healer. She is also an incredible human being whose life mission is truly to help people. I am so glad and honored to also be part of her energy healing group  Her teachings have had an important impact on my life.

Our goal is to guide you in exploring the places where science, psychology, and spirituality converge.  Using accepted paradigms in multiple disciplines, we hope to show you what connects us to the human family and the universe at large.  These are timeless truths that allow us to recognize what binds us together while allowing you to celebrate your uniqueness with the goal of creating your own unique path to Self-Actualization in a way that resonates with your lifestyle and learning goals.


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