Quantum Shiwa Academy
Experience personal transformation through 'psychological alchemy' to find deeper authenticity in your life.
Discover Your Infinite Quantum Potential

Are you READY to create a meaningful and impactful change that leads to discovering your authentic self?

Gain ultimate clarity feel inspired, invigorated and discover a deeper awareness?  

“Is there more to life than this?” comes from an inner stirring and longing to find meaning and connection both inwardly and with other like-minded individuals.  Our expertise is in creating community platforms focused on safe and creative environments, in service to others

Most of our clients have experienced a need to dig deeper and find a connection apart from the outward trappings of success.



Beginning the process of self-inquiry


there is a call to contribute to the greater good using your unique talents and abilities


we call this activating your “Divine Blueprint”

There are many different ways to

 explore your inner universe. 

Reduce stress, meditate, or get that energetic high.


 Discover how you can expand your awareness!

11 Rules of Queenship

What would you do if your personal potential was always within reach?! What could be different in your life if trauma could be released? in 6 hours you will be introduced to how simply and effectively you can step into your own knowingness, your inner guidance, your full potential!  

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Our goal is to guide you in exploring the places where science, psychology, and spirituality converge.  Using accepted paradigms in multiple disciplines, we hope to show you what connects us to the human family and the universe at large.  These are timeless truths that allow us to recognize what binds us together while allowing you to celebrate your uniqueness with the goal of creating your own unique path to Self-Actualization in a way that resonates with your lifestyle and learning goals.


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